Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our little fishy Brookelynn

Brookelynn learned to plug her nose and go under water

now she only comes up for air. Here is a video of the kids creating

a whirlpool and brookelynn going under water and kicking her legs

so it looks like she is swimming really fast.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kendall's Homecomming

So Kendall returned home from Iraq in May to Texas and is now home with his family in Spanish Fork on the 15th of July. We appreciate all you do Kendall for your country, community, and most of all FAMILY.


Check out my Slide Show!

Princess Party.

Brookelynn went to Kamri's birthday party. and a surprise guest showed up. Guess who. Brookelynn even tried to invite her over to play at her house after the party.

4th of July Pool hopping.

On the Third of July we had a camp out at the Alvey's house.
and late at night after the kids were asleep we all went pool hopping at the neighbors Nichole Thomas house. Thanks Nichole.