Wednesday, May 27, 2009

School dance festival.

So I braved the trip to the kids school with four other kids counting Brookelynn to see the dance festival they put on every year. The kids did such a good job and they love and look forward to it every year. My friend Jen was there too to see her son and loaned me her video camera so I will post the videos later.

Jenna and her friend Amber.

Jenna with her class getting ready for the dance festival.

Brady on the field with getting ready to start their dance.

Brady and his class.

Salem Pond. Sunday picnic

The day before my birthday we took the kids to Salem pond for a Sunday picnic. We went intending on feeding the ducks but it was warm enough to play in the pond so the people playing in the pond scared the ducks away and the rest of the pond was full of fishermen so need less to say the few ducks there were didn't want our bread because they had enough from all the other people who wanted to feed the ducks. So we ate and played instead.

Brooke and I chilling on the playground

Zach saw I was trying to get a picture of me and brooke and came and took one. The mom never gets to be in the pictures.

Zach, Brooke and Brady.

Jenna and Mandi.

Enjoying our picnic.

Zach likes to shake things up.



Mandi lets see who can go higher.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A quiz of Mandi's own making
So there are a lot of personal quizes out there and they all ask the same generic questions. I wanted to come up with some better, more random questions. So if you want to use it, please copy and paste it into your own blog and leave me your comments. Feel free to add a question if you come up with something.

1. Who was on your bedroom walls as a teenager? (posters)
A cork board full of friends. Christian Slater, Johnny Depp,

2. Is your hair styled after a celebrity? Who?
Victoria Beckam. Not as hot as her but I try.

3. What is the wallpaper on your computer right now?
Pictures of the mountains, oceans, Scenery.

4. If you could have one free surgury, what would it be and why?(you can make one up if it isn't realistic)
I would lipo my KANKLES.

5. What is your favorite color and why? (if there is a reason)
Aqua It looks good on me and makes me look tan.

6. Name one fear and a reason for it.
I fear my kids getting kidnaped and bad things being done to them more than them dying because at least I would know they are in a better place.

7. If you could change one thing about your wedding day what would it have been?
My dress. It was a low budget wedding and we got my dress on clearance for 50$. I would not have chosen it otherwise. Come on $50 can't beat that.

8. Name one secret indulgence.
Reality TV. I'm a people watcher I love to see how people react to different situation and react to different personalities.

9. Name one thing you wish to do more or start doing.
I wish I could get out of bed early. So I could fit in more exercising .

10.Favorite charactor in a book/movie and why.
Misses Boss in Australia. Because she finds out she is pretty tough and can do anything. And best of all she get the Drover Hello he is hot.

11. What was the first CD and/or cassette you bought?
Foot loose sound track. You know you all own it.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Brady's Baptism

So we finally got Brady baptized on May 2nd with the way conference fell they moved Baptisms up a week and we were not ready for that. So he was baptized on May 2nd by his dad and confirmed by his grandpa Alvey. We are blessed to have a kid as good as Brady. He always tries to do the right even if mom and dad want to skip church he still gets ready and goes. What a good example he is.