Friday, August 27, 2010

It school time again. Jenna is stoked she start 6th grade this year. Brady is excited for his teacher this year in 4th grade is Mrs. Graves and I know she'll be awesome.

Brady and Jenna

Brady with his friends he walks to school with
Tyler, Adam, Spencer and Brady

Jenna with her BFF Heidi.

Hike to Stewart Falls

All the kids

Brookelynn had to be packed most of the way cause her ankle socks slipped and she got a big fat blister.

Zach, Kate, Brady, Brooke & Jenna in front of the waterfalls.

Malea, Makaiah, Blake & Paul in front of the falls.

Wyatt, Emilee and Ali strutting their stuff.

Wyatt, Jen, Ali & Emilee

Brady and Blake lead the pack the whole way there and back. By next year I may take Brady to the top of Timp. ;)

Friday, August 13, 2010

I have been dreading this post. Because I took so many pictures and I'm sure everyone wants to see the majority of them.

Alvey family reunion

Here are pictures of everyone gathered around for the Minuet to Win it game Debbie and I put together. Hosted by yours truly.

Jason doing Back Flip. Rest pencils on the top of your wrist then toss in the air and catch with your hands. In 5 groups from 2 up to a group of 12. In one minute.

Nick doing Go The Distance. Using a measuring tape roll 3 ping pong balls down the tape and into shot glasses. Three at a distance of 6ft. 5ft. and 4ft. in one minute.

Kyle doing Chololate Unicorn. Stacking 7 ding dong on your forehead using only one hand. In one minute.

Jake doing How's it Hanging. Using a Banana tied to your waist knock 2 oranges into a ring. In one minute.

Brittany and Nick doing Dizzy Mummy. While spinning unroll a roll of toilet paper by wrapping it around your body. In one minute with out breaking the roll.

Tiffany & Tanna doing Speed Eraser. Bounce 7 pencils into 7 glasses in a minute.

you must get 3 cookies from your forehead to your mouth using only face muscles.





A craft for the kids. Making PVC Mini marshmallow guns. Let the war begin. It was not fun picking up sticky mini marshmallow's all over the grass in the aftermath.

Zach helping Brady with his gun.

Jenna working on hers.

Anneli, Hallie & Myli

Brooke's sweet argyle gun.

Val working on her gun.
At the end of the reunion Grandma got out glow bracelets for the kids and yummy carmel popcorn. While we watched John Wyane (Grandpa's favorite) out out in the back yard on a projector.


Dax & Mya

Brooke, Dax, Kamri, Myli, Jenna & Mya.

Grandma Pat, Her friend Lawane & Grandma Debbie.

Jake and Anneli
So I had one daycare kid on the Friday before the 24th but I really wanted to do something with the kids. My friend Jen and her daughter Emily are up for anything so we took the kids up Payson Canyon to the Grotto which Jen had never been to. Grotto ???? big deal you say but how can you have lived in Utah County your whole life and never have been?

Stuck behind cows while trying to get up the canyon. This nice guy behind us with a car loaded with bikes got his off and started herding the cows to higher ground.

We had a picnic at the park at the mouth of the canyon before we headed up to the Grotto.

Jenna, Brady, Stephen & Brooke

It was pretty good run off for the end of July.

Brady & Brooke going under the waterfall.

Jenna with Stephen chillin on a log.

Brady climbing up to find a way to the top of the waterfall.

Jen and Emily

Me with Stephen and Brooke

Look I found a way to the top. Jen and Brady below.