Sunday, April 10, 2011

So I don't know about you but I'm excited for Spring and cute shorts BUT ...... I sure can't afford $56.00 jeans from Buckle.
But why can't I make some cute shorts just like them?????
These are The Stella shorts from buckle Price $56.00

These are my boring shorts that I didn't care too much for.


AFTER......... I sure like them now! And the total cost was 2 white floss .39 each and two broken needles later;)
What do you think?

I told you all I was stitching obsessed and after this project I have many more jeans I have plans in store for;) IF..... I don't get arthritis or corporal tunnel syndrome from poking needles through thick denim. I need a thimble and those plastic grippers.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I know my header doesn't match I'm working on a new one......Sooooo bare with me;)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Traditional Birthday Breakfast.
Every birthday I let the birthday kid pick their favorite Hot breakfast. Jenna's is French toast;)
I always make hot breakfast (I'm talking every day) and it was brought to my attention that they think it would be more special if I'd let them have cold cereal for their birthday. A whole box all to themselves;) silly kids.

12 reasons why I love this girl for her 12th Birthday.
1. She is my best friend.
2. She is a good listener and an even better talker.
3. She is a good friend to others.
4. She is always concerned about others feelings.
5. She is funny.
6. She is SMART!!! Don't know where she gets it. Glad she can figure out her own home work;)
7. She's got style
8. She has good choices in friends.
9. She is a people pleaser BUT
10. Will always stick up for herself.
11. She is helpful.
12. How could you not lover her?????

Another traditional shot of them holding up fingers for their age. But she does't have 12 fingers;)

Man I envy people with nice cameras:( That shall be my next serious purchase!
For Jenna's Birthday I thought it would be a treat to finally manage that mane. So I booked an appointment with Jokell at Studio H in Payson for a little birthspaday;) She knew about it and told all of her friends at school who thought she was going to look weird with thinner shorter hair and bangs to boot. But after the deep conditioning treatment and 2 hours later I think she looks all grown up.

Jenna before

AND Jenna after

She hates having hair in her face and blow dryers period..... So I needed evidence that she survived and didn't freak out on the stylist. Why can't she sit still for me?

All the hair after cut and thinning. Wasn't quite long enough for locks of love.