Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Really Really sorry for the Late and over loaded Easter posts. I'm a slacker I know. Enjoy. Coming soon My trip to the Zoo with Brooke's kindergarten class.
Grandma and Grandpa Alvey's annual egg hunt.
every year they have an egg hunt and dinner. It is alway an awesome hunt with lots of prizes even for the adults.
Each kid has their own prize egg to find with their name on it. Some of the prizes for the adults were movie passes, a subway gift card. And others but I'm not sure cause I didn't find any of them.

Jenna found the gold egg this year containing $5.

Brady found the silver egg containing $2.

And Brooke looking cute as a button in her new dress. Love the supper cheesy smile that makes the veins pop out in her neck;D
Easter Morning.

Each year the easter bunny takes the eggs that we color and hides them along with the kids easter baskets. This year the easter bunny was too tired to hide the eggs. Brady bless his heart didn't want Brooke to be disappointed and got up even before me and hid all the eggs without being asked and without waking me up. I love my little guy;)

Brady with one of the cooler egg's we made.

Brookelynn hunting for all the eggs.

Brady with his basket full of toys and a new church outfit.

Brookelynn with her basket full of toys and also a new Dress.

Jenna with her basket and new skirt, leggings, and shirt. oh and a few toys;)
Egg coloring

Every year we do egg coloring at Grandma Debbie's. But due to hectic schedule she was unable to do egg coloring this year. But my kids weren't going to let me off that easy. So at last minuet I call my little sister Annie and my big Brother Luke and had them come over with their kids to color eggs this year. It was really fun and their kids are still little and so excited to do egg coloring. I have the cutest nieces ever! Oh And Nephews but none were present;)

Brooke ( Mind you it was early and she is always my ragamuffin on the weekends )

Jenna & Brady

Luke and Emma, Jenna & Brady, Brooke, Annie and Charlotte.

Luke, Emma, Jenna, Brady & Brooke.
High School Rotary Club Egg Hunt.

I remember going a few times as a kid to the egg hunt. And loved the memories. Of course I had to take my own kids. It has been a few years since we have gone to one. I think Brady was 5 the last time we went. It is always rainy and cold. Who wants to drag their kids to something that they have to bundle up for. This year rain was on the horrizon but not ready to fall yet so we headed over. Not many more of these to go in my life and it makes me a little sad that I've wasted the last 5. My kids are growing so fast;(

The line up. This picture was taken before the rush of people started to come.

Brookelynn's best friend Tatum. She was cracking me up. After she checked to see if she had a prize egg and she didn't she started to unload all of her candy on Brooke. I guess she didn't like those kinds.

Brooke & Tatum. I love these two they are soooo Pretty!

Each year the Kindergarten does an egg drop off the top of the school. Each student is ask to package a raw egg so that it will survive a drop from the roof of the school. (Anything goes) It was fun to see all the creativity. Some had parachutes, some we inside stuffed animals. But we packaged Brookelynn's in toilet paper inside a glad container then wrapped with crumpled tin foil to absorb the drop. And It SURVIVED;)

Brookelynn getting ready to unwrap her egg to see if it Survived.

Her class lined up on the playground to watch the eggs drop.

Just some of the eggs and their creative wrapping.

She was so excited that it survived she had to carry it home. And then proceeded to draw a face on it. It too hours but I finally convinced her to throw it away before there was an incident.