Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brady's first fish.

Brady got to go fishing with the boy scouts today for their activity. And look what he brought home. He was also the only one on the trip to catch a fish. Way to go Brady. { Not too excited to teach him how to gut it and cook it. }

Not a bad little fish he was a good 7 or 8 inches long.

Girls night got crashed.

Friday night was supposed to be Boy only camp out and girls night in. My niece is visiting from Washington so we invited her over for the girls night. We planed on making homemade pizza, doing our nails and watching chick flicks but due to the storm the boys canceled their trip. And caused a very sad Brady so we also invited Spencer over to sleep in the back yard in the tent with Brady. It was a little bit windy but the boys toughed it out. And Zach invited his brother Jake and his family over for movies and the girls still had fun doing nails and hanging out down stairs.

The boys we really excited to sleep in the tent.

All the little ones crashed on my bed watching movies.

The girls crashed in the toy room on the queen mattress we threw in there for them.

My other baby.

We got to watch Afton for a week while Annie was at girls camp Rhett had to work. She slept over but in the evenings Rhett would come and visit and put her to bed. While she was with us we could resist taking cute pictures of her running around the yard and swimming. She is such a good baby. We ask to watch her even when they don't need us. She is Zach baby girl. Hopefully Annie's next baby coming I think in October is as fun and good as Afton.

She liked the pool but got over it quickly.

She loved trying to climb the slide but was still wet from swimming so she would make it about half way and slip back down. It was so cute and she just kept trying.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brookelynn's first hair cut.

She cried at my shocked expression on my face and said with crocodile tears. I just want my hair like yours.

So on Friday night I was doing the usual in the basement with friends sleeping to what ever movie they picked and I was awoken to a start by Jenna yelling MOM MANDI NEEDS YOU IN THE BATHROOM. So I thought well Mandi must really need me so I went upstairs and found Mandi covering her mouth laughing in the hall way and pointing into the bathroom and this is what I found.

So she has been telling me for a year she wants her hair cut like mine and her favorite cousin Kamri. I guess next time I will take her serious.

She knew what she wanted and said she wasn't done. The garbage was full of her hair.

She started throwing a fit when I said Mandi grab the camera.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Family Night. Up @ beer can flats.

For family night we went up to beer can flats in Payson canyon. We made SMORES and some roasted hot dogs.It was a good night. Everyone in the family with the exception of Jared and val.( Because they are in St. Gorge now.) Were able to come. We even had Adam and Mikelle join us with their two cute kids.

Brooke's swim party.

Brady, Brookelynn, Wyatt, and Jenna. See the sky the clouds parted for a little bit.

Eva & Wyatt. They hadn't planed on playing in the water but the clouds parted and you try keeping Wyatt off that sweet slide. Who needs a swim suit when you have super hero underoos.

Brooke and Brady want to play but are trying to stay as dry as possible. Even with the chattering teeth we couldn't get them off the slide.

Bathing beauty.

Brady, Blake and Brookelynn.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brooke's 4th Birthday.

Bug catching set already well used. Check

Two new sets of shoes from Aunt Mandi. Check

A Swim bag, towel, swim suit, sunglasses, and bubbles. From aunt Rachel and kids. Check

New Bike and more and more barbies and another swim suit. From Mom and Dad. Check

Barbies and horse from grandma and grandpa Alvey. Check

Summer full of DRAMA from one spoiled girl. PRICELESS.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hogle Zoo

Jenna and Brady at the interactive elephant statue. It has a motion sensor and sneezes and sprays water. Ya that really freaked Brooke out she wouldn't go near it.

Mandi learned a trick from Betsy that if you turn your lit up cell pone to the orangutangs they will come right up to the window. And what do you know it works. The baby orangutang was so cute but definitely afraid of mom. When mamma orangutang wanted to check out the light the baby split. It was kind of cute.

Out side of madagascar. Really lame not even sure what it was we were looking at. It was sleeping in a log.

Uncle Kyle loves teasing Jenna he kept walking right into her. I think he has an inner ear problem. He is not very balanced.

Jenna, Kyle, Gina, Zach, and Mandi. It says it all on Mandi's face not sure what we were looking at. In Madagascar. Oooo Ahaaa.

Brady and Jenna playing catch the virus. at a Kleenex promo.

Jenna, Brooke & Brady posing on the Rino statue at the park.

Brooke and Zach trying to get a better look at the elephant show.

The whole gang waiting to see the bird show. Our favorite part of the zoo.

Brooke just had to get a picture with the tigers. She loves cats.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hey Mom Look What I Found.

So my kids and their friends were playing at the church by our house and found an injured bird stuck on a butterfly net I don't know if someone did it and left him there but he was hurt pretty badly. So what do my kids do bring him home and beg and plead for me to help it.

So I made a boxed nest and gave it water from a dropper. We found it worms but he wouldn't eat them. He just kept tucking his head in his wings & closed his eyes. So we left him in peace to sleep because he was not doing well. And a few hours later I went to check on him and needless to he didn't make it.

Ok so what other mammals can we find to care for. A few hours later Brady and Spencer had found a garden snake. And asked me to make a cage for him so he wouldn't get away that they were going to take turns with it at their houses.


Nice try boys. I made them let it go I didn't want two mammals to die on my watch today.