Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brady's school's third grade classes put on a kids against violence program. I loved it the music was awesome and had very good lessons.

For one of the songs Brady was in a group that sang in front of the mic.

I'm sure everyone was wondering what was up with my kid. Every time the camera was pointed his was he started acting like a goof ball.

Just before the program I got a picture of Brady and his best friend Spencer.
Spring Break
I'm a little behind but the crapy weather outside has given me an inside day so I have a chance to get on the computer.

For Spring Break I only had a few kids but of course my own were home and it was such a nice break we had to take advantage of the sun. So I packed all the kids up in the wagon and went to the park for a picnic.

Brooke desperately wanted pictures of her and Avery.

Brady in the distance pushing Carrissa, Mary, Jenna, and Amanda.

Jenna's friends needed to tag along too. And I needed the help anyway.
Mary, Jenna & Amanda.

Brooke, Carrissa & Stephen. I've never seen Stephen so independent and wild it was too cute.

While at the park Carrissa's dad who works for the city just happened to be working on some maintenance right next to the park. What a good day to go.
Jake & Carrissa.

Brady always has some tricks to show.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Dinner And Egg hunt @ Grandma and Grandpa Alvey's

Debbie made A turkey and ham dinner for Easter this year but it wouldn't be Easter with out the twice baked potatoes YUMMY!

Brooke being goofy but still cute at the same time. After I took the picture she said you can put that on your blog if you want to. It made me laugh.

Jenna being fabulous.

All the kids waiting to be released for the egg hunt. Being informed of the rules and boundaries.

Grandpa went out earilier and shoveled the grass so we could still have the hunt. It made kind of a maze and had nice piles for hiding the eggs.

This picture made me laugh. Brooke was upset because she didn't find the gold or silver eggs that Grandpa puts out every year containing Big money. I told her only the lucky ones find those eggs. Then she says ( mater of factly ) I am lucky mom.

Brady showing off what his prize egg got him this year.

In the end Brooke did find eggs with some change in them she ended up with $2.15.
Easter Morning

Brooke and her basket full of princess Tiana stuff & new spring clothes.

Jenna with her basket full of new things for her Paris themed room. & New clothes.

Brady got kite, rubber-band ball, frisbee and new clothes as well in his basket.

The egg hunt. Brooke needed a little help getting the higher ones.

Looks like Brady spotted another one across the room.

Jenna's tall enough for most of them.

Brooke, Brady & Jenna posing in their new clothes with the lovely ( NOT ) snow back drop.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jenna's 11th Birthday party was a big hit.

We had a minuet to win it theme ( A new game on NBC Sunday nights ) And all the girls got very competitive. For each game they passed they got $20's in Monopoly money first one to $60 dollars got to choose a prize first. But all the girls got a prize in the end.

Here are just some of the games we played

Friday, April 2, 2010

Too bad I'm done having kids. Good thing people loan me theirs ;) This is my cousins baby Avery. I'm lucky enough to get to watch her while her mom works. Brooke is obsessed with her it is like she gets the experience of a baby sister with out the fights.
We love little baby Avery.
It's tradition to fix the kids their favorite breakfast for their birthday. Jenna's favorite is French Toast with powdered sugar.

She has ran out of fingers. But her brother will loan her one ( but only for the picture ) The big 11 preteens here we come.

We were going to redecorate her room in a Paris theme but she was enjoying her brothers rip stick way too much and wanted one of her own. Guess we will slowly decorate her room one item at a time.