Saturday, March 21, 2009

Brooke is officially on the naughty list.

This is any old picture but captures here naughty nature.

Her latest offenses
1. Tried to pick Mandi's door with a screw while she was away.
2. Colored on the toy room door with marker and crayon. Most kids eventually do that one.
3. I Just discovered she stole a barrel of Monkey from my moms house and has been hiding them
Sorry mom they will be returned when she finds her sorrys for you.
4. Stole my makeup for my cabinet and took it downstairs to give herself a pretty face and was busted when
she wanted me to see how pretty she was.
Ya she is defiantly harder than any of my daycare kids.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Fever


I don't know what is up with me lately. And no I'm not pregnant. But it feels like the nesting stage of a pregnancy. Every day for the last week I have been deep cleaning. And the is not like me ( if they can't see it it's not there.) But every day I've cleaned at least one set of blinds and I'm not sure they have been cleaned since the 1900. I say that like it was so long ago but for a blind cleaning it is. And may I say it is a good arm work out. I've also scrubbed the grout in the shower with a tooth brush. Cleaned a few cabinets and rearranged some food cleaned under the fridge and freezer. And soon my next project will be to paint the major living area. Anybody want to join me. I think I was me alone who brought on SPRING. Your welcome.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let me start by saying SORRY MOM I LOVE YOU.

So we all know the curse our mothers put on us. I HOPE YOU HAVE A CHILD JUST LIKE YOU.ok not so bad she will be funny, outgoing big deal. So the curse i now know was so they have all my bad qualities of your childhood. And so my mom says Brookelynn is my spiting image. So just today she.
1. Popped my exercise ball with a push pin.
2. Got into the fingernail polish.
3. Stole and tangled all my jewelry.
4. Climbs the cupboards and grabs any treat any time she wants.
5. Got into Jenna's closet and got Mandi's wedding dress out of the bag.
6. Got one of the babies up from nap just because she wanted to play with them.
7. Went in Brady's room, found his candy, licked a sucker which she doesn't like so she leaves it stuck to the floor.
8. When asked to say sorry all she ever says is she doesn't have any. They went to school or the church or the store.
boy does she have busy Sorry's. So stubborn as she is she sat in time out for a good hour before she found her Sorry's.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Are you a believer?

Brady and his friend Spencer were told by a kid at school that Leprechauns are real. And If you leave a note and a treat they will be your friend and return your message. So here are their notes the treats they are going to leave for them. Who wouldn't want to be their friend Oranges and Almonds are good.

Spencer and an orange for his Leprechaun.

Brady and Almonds for his Leprechaun.

Headed out to hunt for a good spot to leave the treats.
Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crazy Kids.

Brady and his friend Spencer found the Halloween box and helped them selfs. Then started running around the house driving me nuts.

Brady's 8th Birthday.

Make a wish. Blowing out the Birthday candles.

Brady got BEN 10 Alien force action figures from both Grandma and Grandpa Mcmillan and Grandma and Grandpa Alvey

Grandma and Grandpa Alvey also got him a new set of Scriptures.

And aunt Mandi got him a scripture bag.

We bought him a new trick bike. And oh boy check out those tricks.

Grandma and Grandpa Moore gave him a card with money. And it is burning a hole in his pocket. I'm trying to get him to really think what he wants to spend it on. But he thinks 10 items at the dollar store sounds fun. To a kid it's the amount of things you get not how much you want them.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Girls night

I get to go out with my friends from High School about three times a year. We try to do it around our birthdays and since Rachele and I have the same birthday I guess I'll be seeing you girls in May thanks for a great night It was soooo needed.

Dinner at Goodwood.