Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brady's first Pinewood Derby

He had a supper sweet car. BUT never got better than 3rd:(

He also got most unique car award;)
Brady receiving his Bear.
Kindergarten Graduation
Brookelynn loves school. And her kindergarten teacher was the best.

Brookelynn with her teacher Mrs. Tanner

Brookelynn and her BF Tatum.

Brookelynn on the far left. She was a Bee in the graduation program;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I have been lucky enough to go on the Kindergarten field trip to the zoo with all of my kids. So I was sad to think that this was my last one. Where has the time gone. It was really fun although it rained the whole time ( They have very good hot cocoa ) And the animals were the most active I've ever seen them. And I go at least once a year;)

This tiger was awesome he kept jumping in the water and circling right in front of us. He even playfully batted the window at us. And gave us a really loud growl at a random bird that was bugging him;)

Brooke and her crush Marcus;)

The two other groups we wondered with. Brooke's friend Tatum's group, and Marcus's group;)