Sunday, December 21, 2008

:) Happy Birthday Zach (:

Dinner @ Tucanos with friends and some family. We like to go to Tucanos for birthday dinner's because if you join club Tucanos you get a free birthday dinner. Who could afford it otherwise. So thank you to the friend and family that dug into their christmas budget to join us for Zach's Birthday.

Zach (the Birthday Boy)and Kate

Mandi and FRIEND Jazz

Jen and Derick

Malea and Paul

Jake and Anneli in group pic.Made it just in time to be seated good timing.

Sevy Christmas Party

Sevy Christmas party Playing white elephant BINGO.

Brady,Jenna & Brooke Playing Christmas Bingo.

Winner of the Snowman Poop Count.
Eva and family But Eva is sleeping. And a pretty good guesser for a 6 month old.

Winner of the Jelly Bean in a christmas tree count Kyle The Cheater

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Alvey Christmas party.


We had our christmas party at Dennis and Marti's house this year and we had a little suprise the Grinch came to visit. Wyatt didn't quite like that and Brookelynn would leave grandpa Ted's side. The grinch did a good job and all the kids were excited to receive gifts from him. We were also given who ville names. My familys names were Jocky Jenny Jenna Loo Who, Belly Dancer Brookelynn Loo Who, Brillant Brady Loo Who, Kite Flying Kate Loo Who, Zoo Keeper Zachary Loo Who.
Thanks for a fun Party Dennis and Marti.
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