Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Love girls night. Good food, Good laughs & Great friends. My friend Sarah from High School was visiting from Oregon. So Malea opened her house to her and any friend who wanted to see Sarah while she was in town. It was a night of laughs. I'm glad I went I knew all of these girls in high school. But after girls night I think I may have got TMI.... Thanks Sarah for the visit and all the laughs.

Top- Sarah, Kate, Malea
Middle- Lindsay, Shannon, Steph
Bottom- Lori, Cathleen

Monday, October 19, 2009

This year Grandma Alvey wanted to start a new tradition. She already does lots of sleep overs with fun activities for the kids and calls it Camp grandma. But she wanted to start one every year at Halloween time. And this is what she had planned for them. First we meet at the Red Barn in Santaquin for a hay ride to the pumpkin patch. She told the kids she would buy them any pumpkin they could carry out of the patch.

Mr. Pumpkin head.

Best buds. I love that Brooke and Kamri are such good friends.

My two studs.

Brady is always so helpful with the little ones. He will be a good dad some day.

Brooke was getting upset she couldn't find a " Really really very baby pumpkin" she says.

Jenna, Debbie and Mandi strike a pose.

I got it, I got it. Grandma said any pumpkin I could carry.

The whole gang. At the farm.

I said no more pictures mom SHEISH!!!

Then it was back to Grandma's house for Pumpkin carving, Apple bobbing and Halloween shirts she bought for all the kids. She also made little personal pizza's for each kid to top how ever they wanted. But by the time that rolled around we were all pictured out.

Posing in front of the Halloween mural uncle Jake drew, in their new shirts.

The coolest pumpkin kits ever. Why didn't I invent these?

With a little ... O.K. a lot of help from Uncle Jake, Brady ended up with a sweet pumpkin.

Kamri was the funniest to watch she was going all in. She really wanted to show everyone how it was done. And she wasn't shy about getting wet.





The Alvey Halloween Party.

This year the Halloween party we kinda had to wing it. It was bumped up early because Jared and Val were in town this weekend. We had cookie decorating, Wii golf, Guitar Hero, Scary movies in the theater room, and lots to eat.

Apparently Gina knows how to rock it cause Mandi can't help but jam to the music.

My mom always said if you make a funny face and get slapped on the back it will stay that way. I think that is what happened to Kyle cause his face looks this way in every picture.

Cookie decorating.

Brookelynn as a sad witch. She likes the drama and attention so she wasn't going to get in the group picture with out making a show of it.

Jenna as a french maid.

Brady as a G.I. Joe. From the new movie he says he is the one who jumps through the car window in the previews. He is supper flexible.

A little more drama from Brookelynn. Couldn't miss a picture of a big ball of tulle crying.

OOOHHHHHH they are too cute to SPOOK.

I love fall break. Cause I get to torture my kids with all the chores that need to be done before the snow hits. Raking the leaves and cleaning up the yard. So we don't have any lost toys stuck in the snow.

And it is always easier to work when you look so good. Brooke just had to make a garbage bag dress to work in.