Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camping @ Holiday oaks in Nephi canyon.

Jenna and Brooke eating breakfast.

The group eating breakfast. Brooke, Jenna and Brady. Zach and Kyle in the back.

Zach put a little debbie cinnamon roll in the end of a roasting stick and warmed it in the fire. Yummy hot cinnamon rolls.

We made hot dogs and smores for dinner.


Brady in another one of his action shots.

We played a couple games of horseshoes. Brady and I were on a team and Jenna and Kyle were on a team Jenna and Kyle won both times. Kyle was their ringer. The only experienced horseshoe player.

Me throwing a shoe. Ya I sucked.

Jenna showing her skills.

Kyle adding a little dirt to soften the landing.

Brady was pretty good and the first to get a ringer. Kyle got one as well.

Me and my buddy Brady.

Me and the girls Brooke and Jenna.

Brooke was pretty tired from swimming at the lake all day and from the time we got to camp she wanted to go to bed. So I talked her in to just chilling in the hammock.

Jenna is a good big sister and always so helpful with Brooke they are good buds.

Yuba Lake.

We planed a last minute camping trip to Yuba lake for the 24th of July. When we got there they only had one spot left and boy was it crap so we got our money back. Luckily we were with Kyle and Gina because Gina's family has awesome property up Nephi canyon that we camped at after we were done at the lake.

Anneli, Jack, Kyle and Zach.

Brady and Brooke chilaxing towards the end of the day. Swimming make Brooke sleepy.

Jenna my cutiepatutie.

Brooke liked the net floaty she said she was playing in her bathtub.

Jenna was getting her tan on most the day floating out with Gina.

Brady likes to make funny faces of get action shots so here is one of his many action shots.

Brooke posing for a cute beach shot. She also likes making funny faces by crossing her eye or bitting her lip. This was the cutest one I could find.

Swimming was getting tiresome so the kids got plastic cups and played in what little beach sand we had.

Mud pies and milkshakes anyone?

Brady, Jake and brooke soaking up the sun.

Kyle took the kids out a couple of times each on the jet ski. They loved it.

Kyle and Brady.

Gina and Jenna.

Kyle and Brooke. Brooke was our little fish and pretty fearless. She would have swam to the other shore if we let her.

SF parade

So we couldn't miss the SF parade this year because our friend Derick had his 20 year reunion and was in the parade. Can't miss that. So we stuck around just long enough to witness that then headed out to Yuba.

The cannons and artillery going off was a little loud. All the kids pluging their ears was cute.

Brooke, Anneli, Jack, Hallie, Myli & Jenna (Brady was sitting with his cousins down the road.)

Brooke enjoying her jelly donut way too much.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Night @ the Red Barn for Ice cream. Then to Burraston ponds for a swim.

Boy can Kyle catch some air. This was the best shot I had of the boys playing on the rope swing.

Gina hanging out with Brooke and Brady on the rope swing platform.

Jake's dinner. That's one big crawdad.

Getting ice cream @ the Red Barn. Made it there just before close so we all sat out front to eat.

Friday, July 10, 2009

What a good sport.

So after sunday dinner at our house the kids wanted to get in the pool. Kyle and Gina thought it was a good idea too. So we got them all changed and loaned Kyle and Gina our skinny wish we could fit in them swim suits that still needed to be pinned and they jumped in as well. What good sports. And Wyatt and Eva always ready to swim in what ever.

Disney Princess Barbies: }

So Brookelynn is trying to earn a princess barbie from the disney store to add to her collection by waking up dry. The mornings she does wake up dry makes me do back flips and so happy and maul her with hugs. SHE KNOWS THIS>>>>So this morning she snuck into my room and took off her wet pull up and put on a clean one. Then proceeded to let me know she woke up dry. So she got the back flips and hugs and made me really happy until Jenna said wait a minute she was in you bedroom an awful long time and is still wearing the same clothes. So I questioned her. Brookelynn did you change your pull up to make me happy. And she admitted to it so I told her she need to make sure her dirty pull up was in the garbage. So she said wait here don't come in and I'll get it. So we waited a few seconds till we could bust her and where she hid it. THE FURNACE VENT IN MY FLOOR. Are you kidding me that would have been a pleasant surprise on a hot day or the first time in winter that we turned on the furnace. It was hard to get mad when she was just tring to make me happy. What a smart deceptive little girl I have. Can't wait for the teenage years when she might just be good at it.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ted Alvey family reunion. Fourth of July weekend.

Mark, Gary and Wes how many men does it take to put up a canopy?

Tiffany, Josh, Tanna & Matt.

Betsy, Jared, Zach, Valerie, & Teresa.
See our photographer in the back thats why I don't have many good pictures I'll add more later when I get them from Val.

Mandi can really shake it.

Kamri, Brady & Brooke playing in the pools.

Gary, Ryan and Dennis on the top
Julie, Grandpa Ted, Grandma Pat and Mark on the bottom.

Grandpa Ted and Grandma Pat.

The whole Alvey family I think the only one we were missing was Megan and Jebb the are out of state right now.