Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sorry for the post overload. Now that school is in it has been a little harder to get the computer time I like. ENJOY! ;)
One Crazy Girl.

Brookelynn had a dentist appointment yesterday. She was so excited CRAZY she obviously doesn't get out much. When we got there she couldn't wait to get the smelly mask Watermelon scent PLEASE. She never complained, she was so proud of herself that she didn't raise her hand because it hurt. And when she grows up she want to be a dentist girl. BUT The numb lip was a little tricky I couldn't keep her from suck it or OOPS bitting it. So this is what it looked like this morning.

<<<<<<<WARNING may be gross to some>>>>>>>

Cub Scouts Pack Night.

Cub Scout was an eventful night. Brady got his wolf pach, they shared and learned about collections, and also had car racing.

Brady sharing what he likes to collect.

The ritual for him getting his Bobcat.

At another scout activity they made box cars. So tonight they had a relay race with them it was fun to watch. Jenna got to be the pit crew. The first leg they went down and back then got their glasses washed. Second leg they had to drink a cup of water with a straw. Third leg the had to take their shoes and socks off and put them back on. I'm not sure who won but the boys sure enjoyed it.

Brookelynn showing off the awesome glasses.
Last ride of the season.

This was definitely our last ride of the season not only because it is getting cold, but our bike broke down on us in Fairview :( Luckily we broke down at a gas station next to a Motorcycle dealer. They helped us out and in the end we made it home with a very sad Zach.

Our ride was up SF canyon around Scofield res. down Fairview canyon and back home out SF canyon again. Beautiful ride and the leaves were starting to turn.

Karin and Jen looking out over Scofield.

Brian setting up for a group picture.

All the gang that came on the ride.

Pet for a day

We had a stray kitten show up at our house one day. And Brooke has always loved animals, and wanted a pet. But Zach is allergic to animals WINK WINK. So I let her take care of it for a day. We feed it tuna fish from the can and gave it warm milk. We made a bed out of towels on the back porch. It stayed all day and took Brookelynn's torture. I'm sure if she could have she would have put it in doll clothes. Luckily it did not stay the night. Poor Brookelynn :(

She named the cat Emily after her favorite baby sitter.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mandi's little Guinea pig.

Brady before we were going for the Zach Efron look but were failing miserably. Mandi trimmed it a few days before for pictures and thats when we realized that this look wasn't working for him.

And here is the after. Mandi always wanted to try and cut a boys hair with scissors, and hey if it failed we could just buzz it all off. But she did a really great job. And now Brady is a stud muffin.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunday dinner at mom's


Thanks to My brother Luke's friends who were invited to have Sunday dinner with our family. They took some really great candid shots of the girls and the other kids. Here is a link to their web site since I feel a little guilty for stealing these from them.

No I didn't know there would be a professional photographer at sunday dinner taking random photos or I would have done something with Brooke's hair. But I do love how candid they are.

I think there is a little more dinner on my chin Yum.....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Onion Days 5K

So I set a goal at the beginning of the summer to run a 5K in September for Onion Days. So I trained all summer and it helped me to loose 30 Lbs. YEA!!!!! And I beat my best tread mill time to boot. I finished the 5K in 32.03. I never stopped to walk either go me. So who is with me 5K in May for Art City days? And no Jake and Garet the adrenaline didn't make me want to do the 10K.

And thanks all of you who supported me. As Mandi would say" Good times Good times."

Amanda, Kyle, Anneli, Mandi, Kate & Jake