Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We got ticket through Jason's work Usana. And took the kids for a day of play. It was a blast We got there early and closed the place down. Good thing Jenna loves all the jarring, brain stirring, make you dizzy rides. Cause Mama is getting old. And Zach is an adrenaline junky. So Jenna got to be his partner on all of those kind of rides.

I will never forget waiting for them to get off the roller coaster Wicked and noticing they were next. While watching them from the side and next thing I hear is Zach giggling like a little girl while going on the first blast off. My hubby is such a big kid. I love it;)

Cool shot of the Sky Scrapper fairs wheel at night with my instagram filter;)

Zach and he a little green.

Brookelynn and Jenna. Loving the view and taunting Brady;)

Jenna striking a pose in a Museum in Pioneer Village.

Brooke Waiting for the ride with me while the others did the scarier rides.

Brady on the Train.

I packed dinner and lunch for us to eat out at the car.

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