Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Alvey Family Reunion 2011.

Mark and Teresa's girls. Melyn and Tiffany

Dennis and Marti's kids and spouses. (Don't worry Mitch always looks like that) :~0
Jessica, Jebb, Megan, Brittani, & Mitch.

Zach's Grandma Alvey. We love her so much.

Making visors for the kids crafts with Grandma Debbie's help;)

All the girls formed a club with their cool new visors and dragged some random girl at the park into it.
Brooke, Myli, & Kamri.
Volley ball is highly competitive with the Alvey's. There were two injuries. I ( Kate ) hyper extended my elbow due to Jake's 80 MPH serves. And Gina re tore some ligament in her ankle and had to have surgery;( Hope we can all recover for next year;)

It's not an Alvey party with out a potato launcher or water ballon slingshot. All the kids were standing far out in the field and trying to catch them with towels.

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