Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This time we mixed it up a little and started at Midnight;)
Jake & Anneli, Zach & Me at the Timpanookie trail head.

A little cat nap on the saddle waiting for the sun to rise.

In the shack at the tippy top.

Jake was the first to go down the glazier. To be the example of which way not to go. And showing us his ice shredded pants. Due to a very scary slide down. Once he finally stopped himself he yells back up to us. DON'T GO THAT WAY. LOL

BEST INNER THIGH WORK OUT EVER. Slip left Slip right. Use you core to stay on feet;) LOL

Me and Zach at the lake at the bottom of the Glazier. Freaking beautiful up there.

We timed it just right this year and did the hike while it was still SPRING at the top of Timp.

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